Our mission is to make excellence in asset management available to financial advisors both small and large, enabling you to do what you do best: strengthen your existing relationships and cultivate new ones.

Advisors can expect the highest fiduciary standards, cutting edge technology, and the prioritization of your most precious asset – time.


The Highest Fiduciary Standards
The best interests of your clients are at the forefront of everything we do. Our institutional-grade investment process incorporates a disciplined buy and sell framework, rigorous portfolio construction parameters, and sophisticated risk management screens. We seek to cover your blind spots.

Cutting-Edge Technology
There’s no getting around the fact that the application of technology can be one of the greatest determinants of success in asset management, but this can require massive capital expenditures. We’ve done the work for you already and, therefore, you can access the benefits without incurring the overhead.

Prioritizing Your Time
If you are responsible for $50 million in client assets or $2.5 billion, we want to improve the quality of your offerings so you can focus on accelerating the growth of your business. In partnering with us, you can rest assured that the rigor of our solutions will complement your business development initiatives.

By emphasizing the application of technology and a systematic investment process, our solutions provide a cost-effective and tax-efficient core that anchors a thoughtful approach to satellite strategies.


Maven utilizes systematic processes that account for the strategic nature of your clients' objectives and monitor the inputs real-time in order to tactically respond as the opportunity set changes.

We start with a qualitative screen that evaluates the credibility of the manager and its overall operational processes. This includes its administration, compliance, trading, and reporting standards. Our examination also prefers continuity of the management staff to ensure that those responsible for the success of the strategy remain in place.

Then, we conduct a rigorous quantitative screen that scrutinizes the manager's investment process and consistency of their performance. We want to make sure that the manager is sticking to its investment philosophy and can demonstrate skill in outperforming its peers in their niche over a market cycle.

Our strategies are globally diversified across all major asset classes and combine strategic and tactical elements that seek to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over any market cycle.


The Maven Strategy is a hub and spoke approach that blends passive core funds with active satellite managers in order to seek diversification and the potential for higher returns.

Strategy characteristics:
  • Strategic allocations and tactical adjustments based on market dynamics
  • Fully liquid and familiar asset classes
  • Completely transparent methodologies
  • Expense and fee avoidance optimized by custodians

Advisors can also select from the Maven Strategy’s two sub-components, with either the Maven Core or Satellite strategies.

The Maven Core strategy invests in mature companies around the globe in markets that are fully liquid and highly efficient. In this case, empirical and academic research suggests that when taxes, fees, and transaction costs are accounted for, it is almost impossible for active managers to outperform the benchmark consistently. Therefore, we generally favor passive strategies that track a specific index.

The Maven Satellite strategy seeks broader diversification and the potential for enhanced returns by investing in less mature companies and more inefficient asset classes. Here, we favor active management because we believe our managers can take advantage of mispricings between price and value. This strategy is designed to add uncorrelated alpha over a market cycle.

Let us help you get there.

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